Come with me. Come… Let me take you away.

Put your mind in another place. Forget your troubles and escape, if only for a while. Let me show you the gentle beauty of Vermont. Glance at the majestic green mountains in the distance.

Sit with me by the lake and listen to the delicate sound of water as it softly splashes the shoreline. Walk with me under the dense fir trees, where the magic of imagination reigns. When the land was pristine and wildlife flourished. In a time when life meant more. When family and friends focused on each other. Let me show you a time when communication with loved ones filled our lives. When all we had was hope, and finding that one special person was all that mattered. Let me take you there. I know you’ll enjoy it. Learn about two people who were meant to be one, and share their hearts. The impossible can happen, and a century is not an obstacle.

Know that love is truly timeless.